Student SupportStudent Support

Support, care and guidance are at the heart of life at Park Vale Academy. June 2011's Ofsted report praised Park Vale School for the changes it had seen in the 12 months since its last inspection and concluded that "care and inclusion are at the heart of this rapidly improving school".

The Student Support Centre is where all the support agencies in school are brought together for the whole school population. It is in response to the Government's initiative, Every Child Matters.

Student Peer Counsellors

Peer counsellors are a friendly group of students who help and listen to other students' problems, in or out of school - even if you just need a friend or someone to talk to.

They are here if you are not comfortable talking to a teacher.

Why do they do it?

  • To help others with their problems
  • To help stop bullying
  • To help make Park Vale Academy a happy and safe place to be

The Peer Counsellors are available every lunchtime to listen to any student with problems, especially bullying. They are trained to be effective in helping other students. They have their own room in the Student Centre and are currently recruiting new members for the next programme of training.