Supporting Year 11

As our Year 11 students approach their final examinations in the summer, it is vital that they are fully equipped with all the necessary knowledge and skills to be successful. At Park Vale Academy we support our Year 11 students to achieve the very best they can.

Academic Mentoring

We are keen to ensure that all students maximise their full potential and that they are well aware of their own progress and how to move further forward. As a result, every Year 11 student is mentored by a senior leader in the Academy. As their mentor they will meet individually with each student regularly during their final Year and provide a direct contact point for parents. They will spend quality time with the students reviewing their progress and setting further targets. Progress towards their GCSE examinations is monitored closely with suitable intervention strategies when necessary to boost progress.

Mock Exams

A key element of preparing our Year 11 students for their GCSE examinations in the summer, is the mock examinations which they will sit during October and February.  As well as preparing students for the process of an extensive examination period, they also give students and staff a clear picture about the progress being made towards their target grades.

Year 11 is a pivotal Year for our students, so we would ask parents to support the Academy by making every effort to ensure that your son / daughter has the best possible attendance and punctuality record throughout the Year.  When students are not sitting a mock exam, they are still expected to be in normal lessons.

Examination Breakfast

Staff are available to answer any last minute questions and to provide a calm environment for students to prepare for their exams and feel confident about their day ahead.  The good attendance at these revision sessions is testament to the difference studying in a comfortable environment with the support of teachers makes to the achievement levels and motivation of our students.

The sessions offer Year 11 students a safe and warm environment to study with the support of their teachers prior to their exams, recognising that many students do not have the space or facilities at home to concentrate on revising.

Study Skills Workshops

A large part of examination success will be down to how students effectively manage their time, and implement an effective revision programme, in the run up to the summer examinations.  Learning how to revise effectively is a key part of this.

In order to support our students with their revision, we have recruited Live and Learn, a study skills company in the UK.  Their highly-skilled staff have an excellent track record of working with students to help them develop these skills and so maximise their potential.

Workshops will be delivered at the Academy throughout each academic Year

Holiday Sessions

To help our students achieve the grades they deserve the Academy has organised a series of holiday workshops to support coursework and to start to prepare students so that they can enter their examinations with confidence. Year 11 students are invited and encouraged to attend as many sessions as possible. Our subject specialist staff, materials covered and targeted preparation in the sessions will help our students achieve the grades they truly deserve.

After School Opportunities

We aim to support our Year 11 students as much as we can in the run up to their GCSE exams.  Good, well planned, and thorough revision helps our students secure their result in the mock examinations and their final examinations. In order to support our students with their revision and controlled assessments we offer a variety of after school opportunities throughout the Year. The period 6 provides additional revision opportunities so that all students can get the support they need in a range of subjects.

Post 16 Advice and Support

Participation in career and work-related learning activities gives students valuable opportunities to discover more about themselves: who they are, how they are changing and who they could possibly become. They can find out what inspires them, how they can be successful and what they can contribute.

All students are provided with information, advice and guidance as an entitlement and know where to access up to date information about work, training and educational opportunities. A career mentor provides additional support to secure post 16 places and general support in the application process.

You can contact the National Careers Service (NCS) on 0800 100 900 or through their website.

You can also search the National Apprenticeships website for apprenticeship opportunities.