Assertive Mentoring 2018 / 19

The assertive mentoring programme has been introduced at Park Vale Academy to support students in gaining their aspirational target grades in their subjects. All Year 11 students have been assigned a mentor who will meet with them regularly to review their progress towards their target grades and offer support and advice.

What is assertive mentoring?

• Target setting
• Tracking
• Mentoring
• Intervention
• Checking

Whilst  assertive mentoring is supportive, it is never simply a cozy chat . Students need to feel that the regular one to one conversations with their mentors will be evidence driven, business like and have direct benefits. Mentors check to ensure that agreed interventions/ actions are implemented and that they are having the desired impact. Students are not allowed to simply give up on themselves.  Assertive mentoring aims to support all students to reach their full potential.