A series of resources and activities for KS3 and 4 exploring the roles of Key Workers in eight industry sectors. 

Over 350 roles in the NHS

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Key Workers: Engineering 

From a Fragrance Finder, or Power Pioneer through to a Body Rebuilder - discover engineers’ roles and inspirations.

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Key Workers: Parliament 

Introduce students to the work and roles of Parliament including the structure of Parliament and our democracy, making laws, elections and voting.

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Key stage 4

Key workers: NHS

Explore the wide ranging roles within the NHS. Real-life stories and films, compare role tool and Find Your Career quiz.

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Key workers: Roles in Biology
Developed by The Royal Society of Biology this helps teachers highlight future careers and opportunities studying bioscience subjects beyond school. 

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Key stage 4 or 5

The Aspiring Medic's Support (TAMS)

TAMS Mentoring programme, free personal statement support, Medical Concepts Webinar Series and much more.
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Join the Aspiring Medics Network (BAME students Yrs 10-13+)
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Key stage 5

Post-16 Home Learning Careers Projects
Three projects from Cornwall Careers Hub to support Post-16: University project, Apprenticeship and Jobs Project and a Well Being Project.

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Side Quest - video game design
Great for students that build or want to build their own games. Free resources and industry professionals guiding students through the process.

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OWN IT - a support for young people around all aspects of mental health
User friendly resource with videos, activities and links to support networks covering topics like feeling anxious, bullying and mental health tips.
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Support for SEND
The Careers & Enterprise Company website has an increasing number of resources to support the careers development of young people with SEND.

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Think Ninja
With specific Covid-19 content, Think Ninja offers self-help knowledge and skills to young people (10-18 years old) who may be experiencing increased anxiety and stress.
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