Dance Academy

Park Vale Dance Academy's motto is 'be part of something special'. This means we all value enthusiasm, team work and above all, commitment to every performance task we undertake. Each Dance Academy member knows that what they are part of, is bigger than just them. It is not about being the best individual dancer, but about recognising that they are part of a special team of young people who aspire to collective success, in the many forms that takes as a performance group.

Background information

Park Vale Dance Academy formed in 2005 for students from Year 6 and 7 in Park Vale School and its family of feeder schools. Initially, there were thirty members. The Dance Academy expanded twice from 2005 to 2009 to accommodate the need for places. In 2007 a junior section was added to include Year 5 pupils from Park Vale's main feeder primaries (Rise Park, Stanstead, Robin Hood and Westglade). Due to demand, further expansion in 2009 added a primary section, increasing the lower age capacity to Year 4's and also taking in pupils from more of the areas local primary school (Henry Whipple, Southglade and Glade Hill).

Dance Academy Assistants

Each Dance Academy has three assistants from the senior groups. The assistants help with the day to day running of each session, maintain the stage and backstage area, lead warm ups, make costumes, mentor students and organise group activities for the younger students.

Dance Academy promotes a healthy lifestyle

The Dance Academy helps children become and stay involved in physical activity. Dance Academy offers an aesthetic activity which is fun and teaches students principals of fitness and nutrition in addition to the technical and expressive elements of dance. Dance Academy actively promotes engagement in a physically active lifestyle and provides opportunities for academic engagement and progression to students after their education at Park Vale Academy.

Transition through Dance Academy

The Dance Academy is a great vehicle for transition as it brings together children in years 4/5/6 from local primary schools and integrates them with current PVA Year 7 students. It gives younger students the chance to create bonds and friendships before moving into Park Vale Academy as year 7s.

It familiarises members with facilities and opportunities in Park Vale Academy and introduces them to teaching staff at an early stage in their development. This unique opportunity to increase student personal stability prior to entering a new school environment is extremely beneficial to the social and emotional elements of students managing the change from primary to secondary school.

Community Cohesion

Participating every week in an activity outside of the classroom keeps children active, healthy and engaged in Park Vale Academy life. This contributes to students taking a sense of pride in them as being part of something so unique and also gives students a sense of belonging and identity as well as personal pride.