Drama is taught for one hour a week to every student in years 7 & 8.  Drama is a subject where students gain the opportunity to be creative, imaginative and develop key life skills.  Students develop their communication, their ability to work with others, as well as using practical elements such as movement and improvisation to develop confidence.  Students improve their performance skills to be able to perform in front of an audience.

Students refine their skills and understanding in various genres, in a range of roles and through developing a character using a range of drama techniques.

Programmes of study:

Silent Movies

Soap Opera

Detective and Mystery



Roald Dahl

GCSE Performing Arts is an optional subject for students at Park Vale Academy.  Although a great deal of focus is on Drama, students also explore the world of the arts and the necessary skills and attribute to work in this field through active participation in performance work. 

Students are assessed practically for 40% of their grade and have to produce a personal portfolio to highlight their skills, achievements and most importantly their progression through the arts.  They have the opportunity to expand on key terms and skills learnt in Key Stage 3 with a lot more focus on preparing for performances practically and logistically.  There is a particular assessment focus on skills development, planning and research, practical activities, contextual understanding of work related aspects and evaluation of their own and others' work.