English is an essential element of any school's curriculum. Important in its own right offering variety and challenge it is also the basis for understanding and learning across the curriculum.  

Here at Park Vale Academy, the curriculum in English builds on students' prior knowledge, focusing on the key elements of writing, reading, speaking and listening.  

Across Key Stage 3, students are taught to be confident, engaging writers producing a variety of written responses for different audiences and purposes. They will read challenging fiction texts as well as poetry and a range of non-fiction to develop the skills necessary to offer mature and developed analytical responses. Reading for pleasure is also promoted through 10 minutes of silent reading at the beginning of every lesson. Students are encouraged to select reading books that reflect their ability and ignite their interest. The introduction of Accelerated Reader for all Year 7 students means they are selecting books with the appropriate level of challenge for their reading level. The skills they develop at Key Stage 3 in English provide our learners with the knowledge and understanding for success at GCSE and beyond.

In addition, the design of the curriculum means students experience a range of different units which have been designed to interest and motivate students in their English lessons. These units incorporate a variety of topics and themes to stimulate, engage and challenge students to achieve their full potential. Within each unit of work, students work to complete small and large group tasks as well as independent learning activities. The combination of distinctive tasks enable students to progress and produce work which is reflective of their ability.

Throughout Key Stage 3 students are developing skills required for success at GCSE. Novels, short stories, poems and drama, from a variety of social and historical contexts, are read and studied.  Students are encouraged to read Literature both for pleasure and as part of the course. Drama is also used with many opportunities for role-play and the development of performance skills to help encourage and increase student confidence. 

At Key Stage 4, a range of courses including the opportunity to take GCSE English Language and GCSE English Literature as well as Entry Level English, Functional English and Step Up to English are on offer.

The English department has its own fitted computer room to allow ICT to be integrated into research work. Students are also encouraged to develop their research skills through the use of the Academy library, where a broad range of books are available for use within, and outside, of English lessons.

At Park Vale Academy staff are always available to support the learning and development of our students. As well as a subject specific teaching assistant, teachers are also available to provide additional support at both lunchtimes and after school.



  • Spoken Language
  • Explorations in creative reading and writing
  • Writers' viewpoints and perspectives


  • Shakespeare play
  • The 19th Century novel
  • Modern prose
  • Poetry anthology
  • Unseen poetry


  • Creative Writing
  • Poetry Cluster
  • Unseen Poetry Skills
  • Exploring Modern Texts: Modern Prose or Drama
  • Exploring Modern Texts: Exploring Cultures


Reading Writing Speaking and Listening
Work Information Work
Leisure Media Media
Drama Drama Drama
Reading for Pleasure Story Telling Story Telling