The principles of governance are the same in academies as in maintained schools, but the governing body has greater autonomy. Academies are required to have at least two parent governors.

It is your chance to have a greater say and make a real difference to the lives of hundreds of children.

Governors have a wide range of responsibilities. They are in charge of planning the Academy's future direction and can thereby help raise the standards of pupil achievement. Governors are also accountable to parents and their wider community for the performance of the Academy.

School Governors are the largest volunteer workforce in the country, giving freely and generously of their time to help schools achieve the highest standards. People from all walks of life offer their services as governors.

Governing bodies bring together many stakeholders such as parents, teaching staff, local authority representatives, as well as representatives from business and the wider community. While many are highly experienced in this role, it is also true that the responsibilities of governors are becoming greater.

As more and more school funding is being directly delegated to schools and academies themselves, the role of the governing body as the corporate governance of is becoming more of a key part of their management.

To find out more about being a governor at Park Vale Academy, email or call us at the contact details on this site.

Scheme of Delegation

Governance of the Trust. The members are responsible for the constitution of the Trust and are largely made up of local people who have influence and strong links within our local communities.

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