Our Learning Gateway fosters a culture of ownership and self-directed learning to empower our students to think outside of the box and drive their own learning and equip students to successfully navigate and thrive in a technology-driven world.


Raising Pupil Attainment

For pupils, the availability of high-quality learning materials in and out of the classroom and accessible from home are a key factor in raising attainment. They enable our pupils to work at an independent pace, differentiate their learning and allow for different learning styles. Auditory learners, for example, will benefit from downloading podcasts (GCSEpod), absent pupils can access resources online and teachers can capture and upload notes taken during the lesson for revision or consolidation of learning.

Homework tasks are not only posted for pupils (and their parents) to access, but pupils are able to respond electronically to tasks, submitting them for assessment online too. Extra help with tasks such as additional prompts, writing frames, web links or 'ask a teacher' features can support pupils.