During the coronavirus pandemic, people have been pulling out all the stops to raise funds for NHS Charities Together.

Theo Carey is utilising his talents to raise much-needed funds and has produced and sold plants during the lockdown to raise money for the NHS.

Theo has asked for seed donations to support him in his endeavours.  “If anyone would like to post any seeds into school, I would be very grateful”.

Theo said that “due to the lock down. I thought I would start a summer project (growing my own vegetables) I invested in a small plastic green house, (which blew away). Several varieties of vegetable seeds, compost and pots.

I thought this project would be easy, however I look upon it as being a scientific experiment. You have to keep the seedlings at a certain temperature, watered and lots of monitoring.

I have raised £126.00 so far for the NHS I hope to raise a lot more!!!

My most popular seller is the cucumber plant and the lettuces. I have enjoyed this much more than I thought I would and I am looking forward to developing my skills and trying to grow more challenging plants”

The academy is really proud of Theo's hard work and initiative to raise money for a great cause. Well done Theo!   

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