HS2 Comes to Park Vale Academy -23rd May 2019

HS2 Comes to Park Vale Academy -23rd May 2019

HS2 is addressing the current skills shortage in the UK by inspiring the next generation to get involved with transport infrastructure related careers.

HS2 Secondary Education Programme –

The HS2 Secondary School Programme supports students aged 11-14 years in developing their knowledge and skills in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM), with real world examples from the transport infrastructure industries.

Year 8 Workshop

The Programme consisted of a specially developed STEM workshop day, delivered by educational professionals and supported by HS2 Education Ambassadors. Sixty excited Year 8 students attended this full day workshop on 23rd May 2019. As a starting point, students reflected on their own skills and attributes to understand how they could lead to  a whole variety of STEM careers.

Students then designed a railway station of the future, applying their understanding of STEM career roles, developing their teamwork, creativity and communication skills. An engineering challenge followed where students had to design and create a tunnel by solving real-world design problems.

Finally, students used all their learning from the day’s activities to grown and manage a rail network and displayed a new enthusiasm for STEM careers.




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