Thursday 28th March - Ex-Year 11 [Class of 2018] Presentation Evening

Class 2018 Presentation Evening Thursday 28th March 2019

The Academy’s Ex-Year 11 students, our class of 2018, returned to the academy for their presentation evening.  It was a lovely evening, set aside to recognise pupil achievements, many and varied. We celebrated the academic achievements and other broader achievements of our pupils, including social, personal and extra-curricular success. All students were presented with their GCSE examination certificates and congratulated on their achievements.  Additional awards were also presented to celebrate the success of individual students

The following students achieved the best overall grade in a subject

  • Art – Millie West
  • Computing- Sam Jiji
  • Combined Science- Collins Okojie
  • Biology- Ashleigh Kerr-Williams
  • Chemistry- Ashleigh Kerr-Williams
  • Physics- Sam Jiji
  • Spanish- Jayden Hodgson
  • History- Caitlyn Saunders & Ashleigh Kerr-Williams
  • Geography- Collins Okojie
  • English Language- Eva Musta
  • English Literature- Collins Okojie
  • GCSE PE- Collins Okojie
  • Maths- Taylor Morley
  • Dance- Lucy Wilson
  • Sociology- Jessica Ruffell
  • IT User Skills- Connor Heane-Oldham
  • Engineering- Lanre Falade
  • Business & Enterprise- Callum Cook
  • Child Development & Care- Leighann Wright

Attendance award winners for 100% across 5 years were awarded a certificate and trophy:

  • Ehireme Akhadia
  • Lanre Falade
  • Eva Musta
  • Emelia Turner

The award for contribution to school sport went to:

  • Collins Okojie
  • Eva Musta

The final and most prestigious awards presented by Mr Bowhay, Headteacher, were:

  • Best Overall Academic Progress 2018 – Sam Jiji

  • Overall Best Performance 2018 – Ashleigh Kerr-Williams

Well done to them all !

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