Park Vale Academy Ethos

The Oakwood Academy Ethos

Your child’s learning and development is our number one priority, providing them with an education that will give them the best possible opportunities in life.

By offering each student a variety of educational pathways and exciting extra-curricular activities, we aim to cater for a wide range of talents, interests and aspirations.

This is achieved through a combination of excellent teaching and high quality opportunities. By continually improving our own teaching and learning and simultaneously developing our students’ independent learning skills, we guide young people on their journey to further and higher education or skilled employment.

Our active encouragement of qualities such as independent thinking, self-reliance and social responsibility helps students gain in confidence and take responsibility for their development into fully-rounded individuals.

Academy House System

The Academy is divided into four Houses. Each one is led by a Head of House, supported by a member of the Senior Leadership Team.  Within each House there is also a House Achievement Co-ordinator and a wider team of Tutors who have a role focused on supporting the achievement of every student. Each House also has a House Support Assistant who works within the House team.

Tutors in each House are teachers and they play a vital role in knowing every student and supporting them through their time at the Academy. Tutor groups are made up of mixed age groups comprising students from years 7 to 11 and this creates a strong family ethos within the tutor group. Generally speaking, family members are assigned to the same House as their siblings.  All Houses have a formal assembly at least once a week. As a parent, your main point of contact with the Academy is through the Form Tutor or Head of House to which your child belongs.

We strongly believe that organising a secondary school in this way helps to shape the student population into cohesive groups, which promotes a sense of community and belonging. It creates a system where everyone is well cared for and their academic progress is closely monitored in an effort to maximise each individual’s achievement.