Students at Park Vale Academy partake in 1-2 hours of PE per week through a diverse range of sports and physical activities.  They are taught the importance of leading a healthy active lifestyle, the theory behind physical education as well as the importance of the principles of teamwork, leadership and communication. 

The focus varies depending on the key stage and the qualification, but the fundamental principles are the same.  In Key Stage 3 the focus is very much on developing physical maturity in a variety of sports and increasing their knowledge of a wide range of activities, whilst improving their understanding of the importance of health.  In Key Stage 4 core, the emphasis is very much on maintaining a healthy lifestyle and being physically active, developing leadership qualities and advancing their skills in their chosen activities.  In the qualification subjects (GCSE PE and Cambridge National in Sports Science), the focus is on learning a wide range of theory in sport; from physiology to sports psychology, leadership, government sporting initiatives and more.  GCSE PE also includes the additional element of being assessed on a student's practical sporting ability in four activity areas.

A wide range of opportunities are available through the extensive PE extra-curricular timetable, which covers a wide range of sports across the curriculum and includes some external providers such as 'Nottingham Forest' and 'Notts County' who come in to run additional sessions.

The activity areas differ per group per half term.  The activities covered per year include:

All Years cover:

Football, Netball, Hockey, Badminton, Rugby, Cricket, Athletics, Volleyball, Fitness and Handball

Additionally, the following activities are covered:

Year 7


The curriculum activities will be the same for all students, however, a higher level of skill will be expected for students accessing the 'mastery' strand in their PE assessment.

Year 8



Year 9


In  Key Stage 4  core lessons include activities such as: Zumba, Ultimate Frisbee, Dodgeball and Indoor Hockey.