Park Vale Academy takes a creative approach to Religious Education, delivering it through a mixture of cross curricular work, assemblies and both subject specific and themed drop down days. There is a strong overlap between Religious Education and our SMSC provision.

Students learn about different religions, looking at important people, events, places of worship, festivals, holy books etc. There is also a focus on people for whom religion has changed their way of life and affects their actions on a daily basis along with people who have made a significant contribution to the lives of others.

As well as learning about the importance of faith to both the individual and to communities, Religious Education allows students to explore the idea of different beliefs and the concepts of spirituality, allowing them to think carefully about the morals and ethics that accompany them. 

Drop Down Days

The drop down day for RE will fall under three broad themes and within each of these, students across key stage 3 and key stage 4 will study a range of topics:

  • Sacredness

We look at the concept of sacredness and focus on births, deaths and weddings across a range of religions.

  • Good vs. Evil

We look at the concept of good and evil and students debate whether such forces exist. Students then investigate how different religious beliefs interpret the idea of suffering.

  • Religion and Global Issues

We focus on inspirational people from the past and present and how for some, religion has shaped their actions and improved their situations and communities. We look at how religion plays a role across a range of global issues especially the concept of stewardship and the environment.

As part of both the Good Vs Evil theme and the Religion and Global Issues theme, year 8 students will have the opportunity to visit the National Holocaust Memorial Centre to meet a Holocaust survivor and use the extensive resources available there in order to explore the question: "Can humans believe in God after the Holocaust?