Remote Learning

Students who are self- isolating can access resources using the links below. Students should also access SMHW and email for additional tasks/homework from their class teachers and tutors. Any student who is unable to access these remote learning resources should contact the academy for support. 


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The academy has selected resources in line with our current curriculum delivery to support our students should they need to work from home. Students should follow their normal timetable when working from home using the resources provided. This will ensure that they can stay up to date with their learning until they are able to return to school. Home learning has been organsied by year group. We ask you as parents to do everything you can to ensure that your children complete all of the work set each day.
Please read our guidance & expectations for home learning [CLICK HERE]

Staff will use the website and SMHW to set work and may also use school email and other online colaboration software e.g. MS Teams to engage and support our students. Please see guidance and links to these sites:

Video Conferencing - Guidance for parents and students [CLICK HERE]

To access SMHW whole school view (NO LOGIN REQUIRED)  [CLICK HERE]

How to get on to Microsoft Teams [CLICK HERE]

To access your school email account [CLICK HERE]

For a guide on logging in to SMHW and RM Unify  from home to access your own account [CLICK HERE]

A student guide to using SMHW e.g. How to submit work [CLICK HERE]

Accessing GSCEpod [your school email address and password as the generic password all lower case [CLICK HERE]

How to sign up to use UNIFROG [CLICK HERE]

Our Twitter account will also carry information from the website @ParkVale_Acad

STAY SAFE ONLINE - Please remember when using online sites if you are assked for your email address students MUST use their school email e.g.

Whilst your child is working online at home we would like to reinforce the importance of online safety. Please be aware of what your child is being asked to access online and with whom they are interacting. If you have any concerns please contact the school directly and/or seek advice on the websites listed below.