Student Leadership

Cricket and Sports Development Program

Year 10 students presented a case to further develop and upgrade some aspects of the Physical Educations sports equipment.  Students also raised concerns that teams were currently representing Park Vale Academy with no formal Academy kit.

A small scale survey was conducted to gauge student feelings about how they performed in matches against other schools competitions/tournaments.

The evidence showed that students felt high levels of anxiety and lack of pride due to the condition of the current kits worn. 

This miss match of kit was recognised by the Head of Academy when he came to watch a year 10 cricket match. Mr Kelly was highly impressed by the level of competition and how Park Vale Academy students had played and won under pressure.

As a result ´╗┐of a direct presentation to the Senior Leadership Team the development of cricket at the Academy has received substantial investment.  It was important to make sure that the offer at Park Vale Academy was equally right for girls.

Cricket Children

ICT Presentation to SLT

Three Year 9 GCSE PE students, Tyler, Shea and Janet, presented a compelling case as to why they believed that within their Physical Education lessons they should be given access to tablet based technology. They believed that this would further enhance their learning experience within their GCSE theory lessons. Their pitch included a cost analysis and identified additional funding required for the purchase of the equipment.

Mr Mohammed, a teacher of Physical Education at Park Vale Academy Academy said:
it gave me great pleasure and a real sense of pride to see our pupils making a compelling argument to raise with the Senior Leadership Team on how to further enhance their learning standards and overall learning experience as a whole.'

The students in question were smart in their appearance, eloquent in their language and confident in their ability to deliver to a group of adults who hold power over the schools decision making. Mr Brown, Academy Principal thanked the students for presenting their case with such professionalism and passion.

Overall the whole experience and presentation was very well received and both the students now eagerly await the decision of the Senior Leadership Team.