Student Voice


At Park Vale Academy, the views of our students are important to us. Before making major changes to school life, we like to find out the opinions of our students wherever possible because we know that those changes will directly affect you.

Our attitudinal surveys are conducted at least once every academic year and are always based around the Every Child Matters outcomes:

  • Be healthy
  • Stay safe
  • Enjoy & achieve
  • Make a positive contribution
  • Achieve economic well-being

The results of these surveys can influence school policies & procedures, the curriculum, extra-curricular activities and the school environment.

In addition to these surveys, from time to time we conduct focus groups with students from different year groups. A focus group is made up of a small group of volunteers who take part in a discussion about a particular topic where they give their thoughts, opinions and suggestions. These groups give us more detailed student views about various issues in the academy. Past topics have included the quality of lessons, the anti-drug policy and bullying.  

Student Council

Our Student Council was launched in February 2013 and is made up of two students elected from each year group (years 7-10) on an annual basis.  We also have tutor reps and additional students who have an understanding of specific issues that affect vulnerable groups within the Academy.

Projects in 2013 included a litter campaign, attendance at local community meetings, involvement in transition days, meetings with the Head of Catering to discuss menu developments in the dining room and meeting with Hannah Whelan, an Olympic gymnast who visited the Academy in June.

In July 2013, £7000 funding allocated to refurbish the toilets in Lower School.  This to include a central waist height dividing wall and sinks to be installed to replace the central wash stand.  This was following ongoing maintenance problems, student feedback and a full survey carried out by the Student Council.  Feedback was given to Mr Kelly at a meeting of the Student Council in May and at a follow up meeting today he confirmed this work will now go ahead.

March 2016 - Our student representatives recently met with Graham Plumbing Merchant, the Academy's Business in the Community Partner, to discuss ways in which the Academy and Graham can work together. Students were keen to work with Graham to raise money for charity by way of a community charity event.  A planning team from Graham will arrange to meet the students representatives to work together on this project.