Park Vale Academy Primary Transition and Liaison

At Park Vale Academy, the most important thing to us is that each new student starts Year 7 feeling safe, secure, happy and enthused to be part of their new school. The transition from primary to secondary school does not begin in Year 6 and end in Year 7. We ensure that our primary liaison and transition work begins as early as Year 1 and continues into Year 8, through a dedicated team of educational professionals who view each unique student as an individual, with personal needs.


The transition at Park Vale Academy means the smooth academic, personal, social and emotional transfer of students from their primary school into Year 7 and beyond. This successful transition is dependent on the following factors:

Transfer of Student Data

It is vital that the transfer of every child's data (SAT scores, reading ages) is transferred to Park Vale Academy's central data base prior to their enrollment. This means we understand each students learning needs as soon as the start academic life in Year 7.  During Park Vale Academy's transition days at the end of Year 6, we conduct reading tests. These tests ensure that each student is immediately placed in the correct group to support their academic success in Year 7.

Curriculum Bridging

Our schemes of work are linked to the learning that takes place in primary schools. This means that Year 7 students' academic progress is supported through the use of familiar language, teaching strategies and methods employed by Park Vale Academy staff in Year 7 lessons. This continuity in teaching promotes student progress that underpins the academic success of each individual.

Social and emotional support

Prior to any Year 6 transition events, a member of the transition team will visit each student in their primary school. During the visit, we gather individual personal information to ensure students are placed in a tutor group which supports their needs. The 'Moving On Up' booklet is distributed to each student and used by the transition team and tutors during the transition days and in year 7, to improve our understanding of our new students.

Students are invited to several transition events at the end of their primary school life to support their move to Park Vale Academy. Transition events that take place are:

'Non Feeder Transition Day'

This day was for a small number of students who attended primary school outside of our catchment area. The aim of the day was for students to establish new relationships and take part in some team building activities to support their transition to Park Vale Academy.

'Transition Day 1'

Starting with a traditional Park Vale Academy assembly, this day gives students the chance to familiarise themselves with the school environment, meet Park Vale Academy staff and make new friends. Students have the opportunity to take part in group discussions with our School Council to ask any questions they might have about moving to Park Vale Academy.

'Transition Day 2'

This day takes place like a normal school day. The day includes several lessons as well as some team building activities. To experience our school dining hall, we provide students with a school dinner token for them to purchase a healthy meal of their choice.

'Year 6 Parents Evening'

The Year 6 Parents Evening provides parents with an opportunity to meet their child's tutor, teachers and Head Teacher. 

SEN Transition Days

For high need SEN and vulnerable students we offer one or two additional Transition Days where students can meet the support team, take part in group activities (such as baking cakes) and then in the afternoon parents are invited to join us and speak with the staff.  This year we introduced a passport which students and parents contributed to directly in order that we had as much information as possible before they started in September.

Primary Liaison

Park Vale Academy is committed to delivering high standard learning opportunities to pupils in the local area. We provide liaison activities to pupils in our family of schools from Year 1 to Year Six. 

If you require more information or would like to arrange a personal tour of Park Vale Academy, please contact the Academy.