Our image is very important to us. The way in which our students present themselves both in school and whilst out in the community is a vital part of our ongoing success.

All of our students look incredibly smart in their uniform and they wear it with pride.

Park Vale Academy Uniform Expectations

All students at Park Vale Academy, from Year 7 to Year 11, wear uniform.  The wearing of a uniform makes an important contribution to the tone and reputation of the academy.  We like students to come here looking smart and business-like and ready to work.  Wearing a uniform also solves the problem of what to wear!

Official skirts, trousers, ties, blazers, school badges and colours are available from Just Schoolwear or Schoolwear Solutions. Just Schoolwear can be found at 289 Main Street, Bulwell, Nottingham NG6 8ED. Their contact number is 0115 9652869. Items can also be ordered online from www.just-schoolwear.co.uk.  Schoolwear Solutions are based at Morleys, 116-118 Bramcote Avenue, Chilwell, Nottingham, NG9 4DR. Their contact number is 01159 258046.

All other uniform items should be plain with no logos or decoration.  

Daily Uniform

Blazer:              Navy school blazer with school logo and House colour pin badge.

Trousers:          Official school trousers branded with the school logo.

Skirt:                 Official school skirt branded with the school logo.

Shirt:                 Plain white with a collar and top button appropriate for use with a school tie.  Soft collared sports shirts are not acceptable, i.e. polo shirts.  No t‑shirts are to be worn.  There should be no badges or motifs on shirts.  Shirts must be tucked in at all times. 

School Tie:       All students in Years 7 to 11 are required to wear a clip-on school tie.  School ties need to be in immaculate condition. If your son/daughter’s tie has threads pulled or ink marks on it then this will need to be replaced in time for the start of the new term.

Jumper:            Only the official school jumper/cardigan may be worn (grey, with the school logo).  The school jumper is an optional uniform item but advisable during the colder months of the year.

Socks/Tights:   Plain black.

Shoes:      Plain black shoes. The wearing of fashion shoes, particularly those without backs or with high/stiletto heels is not permitted.   Boots, canvas-style pumps, trainers or trainer-like shoes should not be worn. 

School Coat:    Students should wear plain water-resistant coats or jackets. Hoodies, tracksuit tops, bomber jackets or sports coats with large logos are not allowed. Fashion coats such as leather/denim jackets or body-warmers are also not permitted.

Jewellery:        Jewellery can be a safety hazard; it gets lost easily. Students may wear one pair of studs in the lower earlobe only. Any other visible piercing is not permitted. Students are also not allowed to wear rings, bracelets or necklaces in school.

Hairstyles:        We expect hair styles to be neat and tidy and not extreme in any way. This includes tramlines, shaved images, brightly-coloured decoration/ braiding or the use of unnatural shades of hair dye. In the interest of student safety, long hair must be tied back in PE lessons.

Headwear:       Headwear of any kind is banned inside the school buildings except that which is worn for religious reasons and which should be plain black. Students are free to wear appropriate head-coverings outside during inclement weather. Baseball caps are banned entirely on school premises.

Make-Up/Nail Varnish:    Make-Up, false nails and nail varnish are not allowed.

If you are unclear regarding any of these expectations, please contact your child’s Head of House for further information.


P.E Uniform

Compulsory Equipment for all P.E lessons:  

  1. An academy P.E top (crested)

  2. Plain black shorts / tracksuit bottoms - leggings are not permitted

  3. Short white sport socks / black football socks

  4. Trainers

Optional Equipment:
  • an academy P.E. sweatshirt (crested) or plain black sweatshirt

  • a rain coat to take part in physical activity ( not their normal school coat)

  • football boots 

  • shin pads/gum shields etc.

New Uniform

New Uniform


Uniform Suppliers

Just Schoolwear

289 Main Street





Tel: 0115 9652869

Website:  www.just-schoolwear.co.uk

Schoolwear Solutions - COVID 19 Uniform Update 25th June- [CLICK TO OPEN] A letter from Schoolwear Solutions:

To book your 20 minute appointment please use the link below:

Schoolwear Solutions



116 - 118 Bramcote Avenue




Tel:  0115 9258046

Website:  www.schoolwearsolutions.com